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Album review: 'A Chorus to Carry Us Home'


Endangered Youth

"A Chorus to Carry Us Home"

Porchinit Tapes

After some hellacious radio noise for an opening track, the music commences: Endangered Youth's release of its entire discography, "A Chorus to Carry Us Home," is a howling, hardcore harrang with tight, tight, tight segues. I mean, whoever produced this had to have used a shoe horn. Also, watch out for a guitar quote from The Stooges that pops up early on the cut "These Streets."

Overall, "A Chorus to Carry Us Home" is a hardcore gang-vocal affair, and an angry one at that. But the anger doesn't trump the fun. The guitar throughout this 23-song marathon is ragged and rough and relentless. Once it starts, it doesn't stop.

The second half of "A Chorus to Carry Us Home" is an equally hard — and welcome — pile of live tracks recorded at joints and gin mills like the Bug Jar, Tala Vera, The Meatgrinder, and The Flying Squirrel. It's a relatively lo-fidelity output, but thankfully it isn't as discordant as you would think. Things are just rough enough to keep up with the band's energy.