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Album review: 'Two//Four'


Jackson Cavalier



There's no denying it. In fact, Jackson Cavalier admits it. Bob Dylan's fingerprints are all over his new "Two//Four" album. That's not to say these are Dylan's songs and it's not to say Cavalier lampoons Dylan's style, though there's an audible and infectious twang to his vocals. What locks it in is the fact that the fingerprints of frequent Dylan collaborators The Band are also all over this collection.

But don't call it an EP; it's more like an extended release that rolls out in four parts starting with last years "One//Four." Despite the record's haunting melodic approach, which emits a dry cry from bloodshot eyes, Cavalier writes with intent and purpose. You've probably seen the man as a busker in the street, but this is a full-band affair with help coming in the form of The Mt. Vernon Two and Big Dead Waltz.