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ACTIVISM: Protest occurs with little conflict


Last night’s rally and march to protest the Rochester Police Department occurred mostly without incident.

Protestors marched from Washington Square Park to City Hall, then to the Liberty Pole. At City Hall, one protestor was writing on the building’s steps in chalk when police took him in to custody. Ultimately, he was released without being charged.

The rally organizers applied for a permit for the march, although police rejected the request, they said yesterday. The department hasn’t directly stated the reason for rejecting the application. A statement released today says only that the department was “working with the protest organizers to make sure this march was conducted safely, peacefully, and lawfully.”

Police flanked the protestors throughout the march and held traffic at intersections so the marchers could pass through. At the Liberty Pole, speakers denounced some recent police actions, including the arrests of 18 protestors this past weekend. They also demanded an independent civilian review board with subpoena power and the dismissal of Chief Jim Sheppard.