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  • DINING REVIEW: Thai Time Cuisine

    Mid-winter thaw
      Tai Time Cuisine in Henrietta is just the warm answer you need for the cold Rochester winter. Pumpkin-basil curry, larb kai, Dad and Mom’s BBQ pork and chicken, and explosive som tum are all waiting to warm you (and your belly) up.
  • Remembering the Wii: Six years of motion controls

      A lot sure has changed in six years.

      I remember some of it like it was yesterday, like the giant poster-tube-meets-piggy-bank I had decorated with Nintendo Wii images that I had printed out and taped to it. The Wii was going to be the first home console I got on launch day, the first one I scrounged and saved money for (I ultimately got my first writing job to cover those costs), and the first console that I camped out a gruesome-yet necessary 13 and a half hours

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  • Wheels that deep fry, keep on turning

    The emerging food-truck scene tries to find its place in Rochester
      After the phenomenal success of this year’s two Food Truck Rodeos at the Rochester Public Market, at this point it’s fair to say Rochester officially has a scene. The problem now is that, due to licensing and zoning issues, very few opportunities exist for the food trucks to operate downtown.
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