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2020 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival: CITY & WXXI's daily coverage

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The 2020 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival has gone virtual, and CITY News and WXXI have combined forces to bring you in-depth daily coverage.  You can check in each morning for the latest reviews, and be on the lookout for several preview features throughout the festival.

You can also follow CITY's Rochester Fringe coverage on Twitter (@roccitynews) and Instagram (@roccitynews) or like us on Facebook (facebook.com/CityNewspaper). WXXI's page for Fringe coverage is here.

Day Twelve, September 26

"FringeTalk," "Worlds Collide," and "Pop Go the Bells"

Day Eleven, September 25

"#txtshow (on the internet)," "The Wonderland Series," and "COVID Zone"

Day Ten, September 24

"Cirque du Fringe: Quarantini," "Shotspeare," "Zoom Your Own Adventure!" and "The Scranton Strangler: An Office Musical"

Day Nine, September 23

"Contemporary Musicians' Guide," "Etched Glass Decanter," PUSH

In 2020, do not dismiss fringe shows as frivolous

Day Eight, September 22

"#FolkloreLatino," "Temporary Actors," and Cobbs Hill Consort

Day Seven, September 21

"Disturbances a Deux"

Day Six, September 20


Day Five, September 19

FringeTalk recap and "A Night at the Cabaret"

Day Four, September 18

'Silly & Unnecessary Variety Show' brings levity to life in the time of COVID-19

"Cirque du Fringe: Quarantini," "Milkdrunk," "The Nightmare," and "A Spy in the House of Men"

Day Three, September 17

"The Memory Palace," Confessions of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl," and "The Empathy Project"

ROC Freedom Riders spread message of hope and racial justice

Day Two, September 16

BIODANCE, "Black in the Box," and "we broke up"

Phone sex on the fringe

Day One, September 15

Preview: Big ideas, memories, and whiskey

Festival preview articles:

Fringe's sheen goes to the screen (9/11/20)

Four FringeTalk shows load up on comedians, social issues (9/11/20)

Rochester Fringe Festival leads a conversation on 2020 (9/14/20)

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