WEEK AHEAD: News events for the week of June 22, 2015


Today at 7 p.m., city officials will hold a public meeting on the Harvard Street resurfacing and bike boulevard projects. The meeting will be held at Tay House Lodge in Cobbs Hill Park, 85 Hillside Avenue.

The basic idea behind a bike boulevard is to use neighborhood streets with fewer cars and slower traffic to help get cyclists to important destinations. The routes generally parallel larger streets and are meant as an alternative, especially for cyclists who may not be comfortable cycling on bigger, busier roads.

The boulevards incorporate bike-friendly features such as signs, pavement markings, and features meant to slow cars down. An example of the latter is a speed cushion, which works like a speed bump for cars but includes tracks that bikes can pass through.

The proposed Harvard Street boulevard, which would also extend to Hillside Avenue and Canterbury Road, would be the city’s first official bike boulevard. The route was developed as part of a broader bike boulevard plan and was chosen as the initial project because it lined up with an existing street repair project. BY JEREMY MOULE

The George Eastman House will hold a community forum tonight at 6 p.m. to provide an update on the restoration of the mansion and discuss the project’s next phase.

The forum will be held in the museum’s Curtis Theatre. Enter through the café entrance on the west side of the building. Information: 271-3361, or eastmanhouse.org. BY CHRISTINE CARRIE FIEN

Rochester City Council will hold a public input forum on outdoor public storage at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 25, in Council chambers, City Hall, 30 Church Street. Legislation submitted to Council in February regarding outdoor public storage has been held for further review. The proposed legislation is an attempt to address problem properties that create hazards for neighbors and create unsanitary conditions in neighborhoods.

You don’t need to sign up in advance to speak at the forum. You can also share your thoughts by calling (585) 428-7538, or e-mailing citycouncil@cityofrochester.gov. BY CHRISTINE CARRIE FIEN

The state Legislature will wind down its session this week. Originally, the session was scheduled to end Wednesday, but leaders have kept it going because of some unfinished business.

Right now, the major outstanding issue is the renewal of New York City rent regulations. Assembly and Senate leaders, as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo, haven’t been able to come to agreement on the regulations, which include laws limiting rent increases for tenants.

Some other issues remain unaddressed by the Senate or Assembly, or by both chambers, in some cases. The Senate has passed legislation legalizing professional mixed martial arts bouts, but the Assembly hasn’t voted on the bill, which is sponsored by Majority Leader Joe Morelle.
Charter and private school supporters and opponents are battling over a tax credit for any person or company that donates to those schools. The Senate has passed education tax credit legislation, but the Assembly hasn’t taken up a bill.

And a revised version of the Child Safe Products Act is again stuck in the Senate. For a couple of days last week, the Senate seemed ready to pass the bill; advocates had struck an agreement with a group representing New York retailers. But some Democrats who were among the more than 40 sponsors of the original bill withdrew their support from an amended bill. They then reintroduced the original bill.
Long story short, the confusion and competing bills means that the Senate may once again finish a session without voting on the Child Safe Products Act. BY JEREMY MOULE