Dems pick candidates


The Monroe County Democratic Committee unanimously endorsed Sandy Frankel for county executive during a relatively smooth nominating convention tonight. The only drama came during voting on city school board candidates, which required a second round of balloting.

Ultimately, the four endorsed candidates were Liz Hallmark, Malik Evans, Mary Adams, and Matthew McDermott. Hallmark and Evans received enough votes to win their endorsements in the first round.

Adams and Evans are sitting school board members. Their fellow incumbent Willa Powell didn't get enough votes to win an endorsement. Melisza Campos, another incumbent, is not seeking re-election.

Frankel gave a brief speech after her nomination. She hit on familiar Democratic criticisms of the Republican-run county government, including a series of scandals and cuts to county funding for child care subsidies.

"It is time for a change," Frankel said. "It is time for a new direction in Monroe County."