McFadden to leave Housing Authority


And...there it is. Adam McFadden will step down from the Rochester Housing Authority on December 20. The move was almost inevitable after the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, which funds RHA to the tune of millions of dollars annually, said last week that McFadden could not continue serving the agency while also sitting on City Council. 

HUD representatives have also been looking at RHA's books to see if HUD money has been used to pay McFadden's salary as interim leader. If so, HUD must be reimbursed, a representative of that agency said. 

McFadden's brief tenure was marred by accusations of cronyism. His critics, citing McFadden's lack of experience in housing, saw the job as a reward for McFadden's loyalty to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. 

McFadden could, of course, re-enter the picture as a candidate for the permanent leadership job with RHA, but he'd have to step down from City Council or face the same set of problems again.