Could Trump split ranks of the local GOP?


If Donald Trump runs for governor, he's prepared to plop $50 million in a bank account to fund his race, according to an article published this morning by Capital.

But Trump, the billionaire TV star, real-estate developer, and inheritor of the mantle of P.T. Barnum, isn't saying whether he'll run until after he finishes filming the next season of The Apprentice, the article says. And so some state GOP leaders are holding off on giving support to announced Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, it says. Among those holding out to see whether Trump steps in: Monroe County Republican Party chair Bill Reilich.

Here's why that's interesting. When Astorino came through town last week, County Executive Maggie Brooks stood beside him, and said that Astorino's experience as a fellow county executive is needed in the governor's office. Also in the crowd was Monroe County Conservative Party chair Thomas Cook; Conservative Party leaders across the state have been supportive of Astorino. Reilich wasn't in attendance.

It's early in the election year, so reading the circumstances as some big break in GOP ranks would be silly. And while Trump has acted like he might run, he might just be making noise. Still, it's worth paying attention when top figures in a political party line up behind different gubernatorial contenders.