Warren hires uncle for security team, Internet explodes


Let’s be clear: to wish ill for Mayor Lovely Warren now — regardless of whether or not you supported her election — is to wish ill for the City of Rochester. And that’s inexcusable.
Mayor Lovely Warren. - FILE PHOTO
  • Mayor Lovely Warren.

But more than a few people have been waiting for Warren — even willing her — to screw up. So she has to know that hiring her uncle to lead her personal security team — even if it is temporary — plays right into their hands. Social media is ringing with I-told-ya-so’s.

Warren should explain why she feels she needs a personal security team — without, of course, divulging information she ought not to — and why she’s not using Rochester police officers. She also needs to divulge their duties, salaries, and benefits. After all, I assume taxpayers are footing the bill for this unprecedented move; no other Rochester mayor has had personal security.

The uncle hire is another thing. The word around city government is that Reggie Hill is a good guy and more than qualified as a former state trooper who has provided security for some of New York’s governors. But Warren can hardly say that he is the best person for the job when, as far as anyone knows, she hasn’t interviewed anyone else. It just looks bad.

Warren made transparency a major issue in her campaign. She’s got to live up to that. She’s in the big chair now and will have to get used to the increased scrutiny.