Warren appoints two to lead her transition team


Rochester Mayor-elect Lovely Warren has appointed a local lawyer and an RIT professor to lead her transition. Christopher Thomas and Dr. dt ogilvie are serving on a volunteer basis. The transition team will also hire Strategic Community Intervention LLC, founded by former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson, to consult.

Current mayor Tom Richards will be a special adviser to the team, Thomas said at a press conference this morning. 
Lovely Warren. - FILE PHOTO
  • Lovely Warren.

Thomas, the spokesperson for the transition, is a partner with the Nixon Peabody law firm. He represented the City of Rochester during the mayoral succession mess a few years ago. 

Ogilvie is dean and professor of business strategy and urban entrepreneurship at the Saunders College of Business at RIT. 

Regarding turnover in city government, Warren said today that she'd approach the people she wants to keep in place, and that she has about a handful of people in mind for certain jobs — she didn't offer specifics. More than 70 people are appointed by the mayor, Warren said, and those people can apply for their jobs or for other jobs in city government. The team is also accepting resumes.

Warren said she hasn't spoken to any members of City Council about obtaining jobs in her administration. She said that at this point in time, she'd like Council to remain intact.

Despite questioning, Warren did not directly address the fate of Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard. Warren and Sheppard have not clashed publicly, but it's been apparent for some time that Warren isn't completely satisfied with the operation of the department. Several police officers attended this morning's press conference. 

Warren is currently president of City Council. Many people are wondering if she'll resign right away or wait until she's sworn into office in January. Warren said she'd announce her plans in a week or so. 

Warren will attend an invitation-only seminar for newly elected mayors at Harvard University during the first week in December. 

A transition office will open in donated space on the fourth floor of the Ellwanger building on State Street on Monday, November 18. And a website will go live on Friday, www.warrentransition.com