County Dems renew call for fracking ban


For the second time this week, Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature are calling for a countywide fracking ban.

This afternoon, three members of the caucus laid out the framework for their desired ban. They haven't drafted legislation yet; Minority Leader Carrie Andrews said they're hoping to work with at least a few Republican legislators to advance a proposal.

Democrats have tried to get fracking-related legislation passed previously. Late last year, they introduced a proposal to ban the treatment of fracking waste fluid at county-owned treatment plants. That measure, though technically still alive, stalled.

Dems say they want the new legislation to include a ban on fracking and related activities, including the acceptance and treatment of fracking fluid. And they say they want the county to ban the acceptance of other fracking wastes, such as drill cuttings, at its Mill Seat landfill. They also want the county to ban the spreading of waste brine from fracking on county roads.

The Dems were joined to today's event by residents from local communities that have enacted moratoriums or bans: Brighton, Rush, Perinton, Mendon, Penfield, and Rochester.

The legislators pointed out that, with the exception of Brighton and Rochester, those communities are Republican-controlled. They also repeatedly mentioned Republican Legislator Joe Carbone's support for bills in the State Legislature that would enact a statewide moratorium on natural gas drilling in shale formations.