State says Monroe Community Hospital is back on track


County Executive Maggie Brooks's office sent out a press release today saying that the state Department of Health has found Monroe Community Hospital in compliance with state and federal standards.

The Department of Health revisited the hospital on June 3, according to a letter sent by the department to county officials. It found that the county has corrected problems discovered during a March visit and survey. In the press release, Brooks said that the letter gives the hospital "a clean bill of health."

State officials identified several issues at the hospital, as a result of the survey. But the allegations that former hospital director Todd Spring mistreated a patient received the most attention. Brooks eventually fired Spring, based on the reports and on a county-commissioned review of hospital policies and procedures.

The county had to implement a corrective plan, which included reactivation of the hospital's advisory board. The County Legislature appointed a new board, which met for the first time on May 29.

The Department of Health's letter to the county is posted below.

State DOH Letter MCH