WEEK AHEAD: County Lej debates funding cut for Democrats


A Monroe County Legislature committee will debate tonight Republican-sponsored legislation to cut funding for the Lej’s Democratic office.

The Agenda-Charter Committee, which meets at 6 p.m., will probably vote on the legislation. The committee meets in the Legislature Chambers in the County Office Building, 39 West Main Street.

Republican Majority Leader Steve Tucciarello introduced the legislation, which Democrats say amounts to a 10 percent cut in their office’s funding. During a press conference last week, Democratic leaders said the cut would take $16,000 out of their $170,000 budget. They said they’d have to talk about how to address the funding loss.

Under the legislation, the money would shift to the Republican office’s budget. In a statement, Tucciarello said that he introduced the legislation because Republicans gained a seat in the last election, so the funding shirt reflects the will of the voters. Republicans hold a 19 to 10 majority in the Legislature.

Democrats say the proposed cut is retaliation for speaking up on several different issues, including problems with the leadership at Monroe Community Hospital.

Tucciarello’s proposed legislation was one of several issues that flared up between Legislature Republicans and Democrats last week. Jeremy Moule