Irondequoit Republicans come out swinging


Two years can be a lifetime in politics: just look at the way Irondequoit's elections are shaping up, especially the tone of the races.

In 2011, Republicans and Democrats cross-endorsed a slate of candidates for the Town Board. The parties agreed that Supervisor Mary Joyce D'Aurizio, a Republican, and the two Democratic board members up for election, Stephanie Aldersley and John Perticone, worked well together. The town was progressing, so why change that?

Last week, however, Democrats endorsed Adam Bello for supervisor and Dave Seeley and Lori Barnum for Town Board. The committee also endorsed Joe Morelle Jr., for Monroe County Legislature. Morelle was appointed to the Legislature earlier this year after Ted O'Brien, who held the seat, won election to the State Senate.

Bello is former executive director of the Monroe County Democratic Committee and works as an administrator in the Monroe County district attorney's office. Seeley is a regional representative in Governor Andrew Cuomo's Rochester-Finger Lakes office.

And this morning, the Irondequoit Republican Committee sent out its 2013 endorsement, backing D'Aurizio and Town Board member Paul Marasco for re-election. The committee is also supporting attorney Bill Brongo for the other board seat, and attorney Ed McClenathan's run against Morelle in the Legislature.

The campaigns will probably be quite aggressive. For a peek of what could be coming, consider this quote from Irondequoit Republican Committee chair Mike Valente, which was in the statement announcing the party's candidates:

“Half of the Irondequoit Democrats on the ballot have either shared a home or an office with Party Boss Joe Morelle. Hardworking town taxpayers know this is Irondequoit, not Morelleville. We are confident that our friends and neighbors will reject the Democrats’ abuse of tax dollars and again support the proven record and experience of our Irondequoit Republican team.”