In Pittsford, Corby wins reelection


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Pittsford Mayor Bob Corby will serve another term as mayor, after a resounding victory in today's elections.

Corby, a registered Republican who ran on the Democratic, Conservative, and Pittsford Village United lines, received 341 votes. His challenger, Republican Trip Pierson, received 120 votes.

Lili Lanphear and Stacey Freed — Corby's running mates on the Democratic and Pittsford Village United lines — were elected to two open trustee seats. Lanphear received 309 votes and Freed received 328 votes. They beat Leslie Buck, who received 116 votes, and Christopher Linares, who received 142 votes. Buck and Linares ran on the Republican, Conservative, and No to 75 Monroe lines.

Much of the election centered around a proposed apartment complex, which developers want to build at 75 Monroe Avenue, a key gateway into the village. The project has been controversial; many residents and some village officials believe the project is out of character with the rest of the village.

The results of the election, as well as the counts from other village elections across Monroe County, are available here.


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