DA's also want tougher gun laws


As the gun control debate has unfolded in New York and nationally, there's been a tendency to associate tougher gun restrictions with Democratic legislators and liberals.

But the ideological split in the gun debate is not that linear. In advance of Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address yesterday, the District Attorneys Association of the State of New York issued its own proposals for changes to gun laws. It's worth noting that the organization's board of directors includes Democratic and Republican DA's.

While the proposals from the DA's association aren't exact matches with Cuomo's, some are very similar. For example, the association calls for a stronger ban on high-capacity magazines. And it wants state officials to close the loophole that allows possession of the magazines as long as they were made prior to the 1994 federal assault weapons ban.

The association also proposes giving courts the ability to revoke firearms licenses based on a person's mental health, and calls for an end to lifetime permits. The permits should be subject to periodic renewal, just like drivers' licenses, the organization says.

And the DA's association also wants ammunition sales to be treated like sales of a particular cold medicine. In a document outlining its proposals, the association says:

"As anyone who has recently purchased cold medicine knows, buyers are required to provide identification so that sellers can record covered transactions. Large quantities of aggregate purchases are a red flag that the purchaser might be manufacturing dangerous drugs. DAASNY believes that if we can do this for cold medicine, we should do it for bullets."

The full list of proposals is available here. And a statement from the association's president, Cy Vance Jr., regarding Cuomo's gun law proposals is available here.