NEWS BLOG: Aldersley wants Lej seat


Former Monroe County Legislator Stephanie Aldersley is pursuing her old seat.

Democrat Vinnie Esposito is leaving the Lej on July 20 to take a job as deputy regional director for Empire State Development. Aldersley, a Democrat who now serves on the Irondequoit Town Board, says she wants to be appointed to fill the vacancy. Aldersley served in the Legislature for 10 years, when term limits kicked in. That was five years ago, and she's now eligible to serve in the Lej again. (Republican Legislator Karla Boyce returned to the Legislature this year after leaving in 2004 due to term limits.)

"I loved the work when I was there before," Aldersley says.

She'll appear before the Irondequoit Democratic Committee tonight to ask for its endorsement. She's also prepared to run for the seat in November.

Aldersley was considering a run for county clerk, but she says she decided against it.