The F Word: Giddy-up


I kissed the canvas twice this weekend with two knockout shows, starting out with The Tragedy Brothers who plied and rectified their electrified Americana in front of a modest gathering at Three Heads Brewing. There was plenty of giddy-up from the stage spilling out onto the dance floor, from which cries of “Yahoo!” could be heard. This couldn’t prepare me for what I saw next at Skylark Lounge, as Kryst bludgeoned the packed room with a sexy-tractor-pull bump ‘n’ grind. In fact, the band scrambled my brain with the intense drive and surge. I recovered by the time I got home, but had to laugh when I read my notes: “This is a betal mand that contends ammands attention with sheer ca-rush, careen and kerrang.”

Frank De Blase is CITY’s music writer. He can be reached at