The F Word: Must be nice


Started out Saturday evening at Three Heads Brewing, adding my head to the pile of heads bobbin’ away to the legendary one-drop spectacle put on by The Majestics. The band locked in rapidamente and held on as the groove washed over the multitude. The area in front of the bandstand soon became a dance floor. The band delivered a flagrant groove, good for your wailin’ sciatica and any other joints giving you the business.

Alright, alright, alright. I get older, the kids at the Bug Jar stay the same age. I can’t think of a better lineup than Saturday’s rock ’n’ roll triple-header: Televisionaries, with Alex Patrick & His Noise Boys (culled from the ranks of Dangerbyrd), and The Abyssmals, straight outta the Capital Region. The Noise Boys brought all the jukebox hits for the ride, with tunes from Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, what sounded like The Count Bishops, and the MC-5.

Patrick’s lead guitar work was manic and explosive, which made it hard to hear. I ran into a young man who seemed quite angry with me and proceeded to tell me why, but I couldn’t hear a word he said. The only thing I could make out was “Must be nice.” So, to the angry young man at the Bug Jar: please email your entire diatribe to me here at CITY, so we can put this to rest and be friends.

From reggae legends to future stars, I decided to end the night right with the blues. Joe Beard comes off regal and tall, even when sitting down as he did for the late-night set at the Dinosaur, where the public was dining on swine, slaking their thirst, and cutting some rug. Beard had keyboardist Annie Philippone bangin’ on the elephant teeth. I haven’t seen her since the old Clarissa Street days. F out.

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