I Scene It: NoBunny at Photo City


A live show can change your mind, I’m telling you. If you’re on the fence about a band and not really sure if they deserve your love, just give them the live test. I’m not saying the recordings fall short. I’m saying that with the perfect storm of audience participation, reciprocity, a good sound man, silly string, and flying underpants, you’ve got a show, sluggo.

I’m talking mainly about NoBunny, who when I walked in, liking a little bit and left liking a lotta bit. The band was put together a lot tighter than they appeared at first. It was the audience, frankly that was behaving like maniacs.

Now I was already amped for the weirdness within by the openers, The Fox Sisters and Rotten UK.  Rotten UK was as derivative of Bludwulf, its former self, as it ever was — and that's not a bad thing. Not everyone dug them all the way down, and one patron said to me, “Do you know why this band is together? Because they hate music.” Well, I love music and I love this band, but I do have to say lose the phony British accent, please. Next, The Fox Sisters positively pounded out the blue-eyed soul and gave it a black eye. No ballads on this night, just good ol’ soul music delivered with a stomp and a shout.

NoBunny came out in bunny masks and cut-off jeans and preceded to rock the joint right outta the garage. The band came off like Jane’s Addiction on a pogo stick, but almost got upstaged by the audience’s shenanigans, including tossing Easter candy into the ceiling fan (it’s never any fun until someone gets a SweeTart in the eye), throwing underpants  at the band, and spraying silly string. ‘Twas the most fun I’ve had with my pants on in a long time.