I Scene It: Barrence Whitfield and the Savages at Abilene


It’s gratifying to hear rock 'n' roll fans say my article on an artist swayed them to go to the show. So I was pleased to the max my words managed to get a few lonely souls off the couch and onto the Abilene dance floor where Barrence Whitfield fans beat on it like a red headed trampoline.

Whitfield and his band of motley Bean Town boys busted up the joint and shook the goddamn walls with a solid set of garage, R&B, and savage soul. It was a good-natured bloodbath. This cat easily has the best voice in rock 'n' roll, ladies and gentlemen.

I found myself fantasizing various classic rock voices replaced by Whitfield and those bands sounded better for it. Journey, Judas Priest, The Cult, Willie Nelson, along with anything by these plastic, contemporary clowns that call what they do R&B (pull-eeeeze), could all use a Whitfield re-working. C’mon, his voice is like catsup; it’s good on everything.

Anyhow, the show was great and the place was packed. “Bloody Mary" is still one of the wildest songs I know. It was loud, too, baby; I could have listened from my back yard, three miles away. I went home with my balls ringing and a grin in my guts.