Concert Review: The Greener Grass Band at Sticky Lips



When asked, "What's up with the Filthy McNasty's?" the band's guitarist, Greg Cole, copped a big shrug coupled with a whaddaya-want-from-me? face. But put a guitar in the man's hands, along with a glass slide, and he knows exactly what to say.

Cole was guesting with The Greener Grass Band at Sticky Lips Thursday night. The room was in flux as I rolled up on the scene; dinner tables were being bussed and doggy bags were distributed as the late-night crowd transitioned into the room, libations in hand.

The Greener Grass Band is essentially a jam outfit with an obvious affinity for reggae. And with Cole parked and playing stage right, The Allman Brothers and ol' Slow Hand were prevalent as well. The band puts a lot of energy into its jams, with frequent dynamic emphasis as all on stage shouldered the groove and got down without over-playing or letting it get away from them. It was energy without the drama. Rock on.

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