Concert Review: Samantha Fish at the Dino


Only her hairdresser knows for sure, but last time I saw Kansas City blues guitarist Samantha Fish at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival Big Tent, she was a blonde, and part of the Girls With Guitars three-woman ensemble. Wednesday night we all saw red... redhead, that is, as a now-auburn-tressed Fish was the only skirt on Dinosaur stage.

Fish owned the stage with a fierce, frenetic guitar style and smoky vocals. She served up hot selections off her new "Runaway" album and stuff from the big book of the blues. My personal favorite was "Killing Floor."

Fish's band was bare bones and bad ass in its tight, terse trio attack -- lots of room for the groove to coil up and strike the feet on the dance floor. However, there was little room to cut any rug to speak of, as fans of big, bad guitar (and beautiful redheads) stood slack-jawed ringside.