"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 7, Episode 2: Glamazonian Airways


Last night's episode picked up right after Tempest DuJour's elimination. Was Kandy Ho' nervous during the lip-sync? "No, because I knew I was gonna beat her." Ms. Ho' sure has a lot of confidence for someone that was in the bottom two on the first episode and still hasn't figured out how to get her make-up right.

"I hate Michelle Visage." WHAT? Who said that? Violet Chachki. Listen, I know she's only 22 and I should not judge her on the immature and asinine things that she says, but to quote Rosie Perez from the movie "Untamed Heart," Violet Chachki "is like sand in my underwear." Annoying.

If you watched "Untucked" last week, Pearl and Sasha got into it more than they showed on last night's episode -- after Sasha said that Pearl should be eliminated on the first episode. Sasha claims it was strategy that made her say it because Pearl is one of her biggest competitors. Pearl, what do you think? "I'm pretty and [Sasha] looks like John Goodman in a wig."

Time for the first challenge --RuPaul introduces a very special guest -- and it's Moby. *Cricket noises* What? Why? Even he looks confused as to why he is there. The queens have 15 minutes to get into drag and then serve face while being blasted with a leaf blower. I'm not gonna lie: This challenge was nightmare fuel for me. You can go to the Drag Race website and see the gifs from last night -- but I wouldn't recommend it before bed. Ginger and Trixie were the winners and got to pick teams and assign roles for the runway challenge.

Team Ginger: Kasha, Jaidynn, Kandy, Kennedy, Jasmine, Sasha

Team Trixie:Pearl, Miss Fame, Max, Violet, Katya

The queens had to learn and perform a "lipsyncapalooza" -- a combination of spoken word and song for the runway challenge. Immediately, trouble was brewing on Team Trixie because of É Violet, duh. This may have been my favorite quote of the night from her: "I'm not, not a dancer, but I'm not a dancer." *Record scratch* What?

Rehearsals were led by choreographer, Jamal Sims. Is he handsome, Ginger? "I'm about to flood my basement, 'cause that's a good lookin' man." I think that's a yes.

Both teams were struggling with choreography in rehearsals: Team Ginger's Jaidynn claimed a knee injury was affecting her skills, while over on Team Trixie, Katya was freaking out over learning her monologue and Miss Fame's hips were the issue. Sims called her out on having "no rhythm, no musicality." Miss Fame's troubles did not stop there -- behind the scenes the other queens were calling her out on her lack of performing skills and her reliance on just her looks. Is it time for an upsetting backstory? I think it is.

Sadly, Miss Fame's grandfather was murdered when she was 17 and she decided to share some old family photos with a few of the other girls. Shockingly, Violet was actually sympathetic and understanding to Miss Fame -- is the cattiness just a front for insecurity for Violet Chachki? "I have the smallest waist in Drag Race history." Nevermind.

It's time for the runway show -- Glamazonian Airways. Guest judges this week were Jordin Sparks and Olivia Newton-John. Team Trixie went first and opened with Katya's monologue which did NOT go well. Was she just saying "watermelon" over and over again? Trixie, however, nailed her part. Team Ginger came out like a storm: the lip-syncing was on point, the choreography struggles had been overcome and Kasha Davis scatted with the best of them and gave FACE. The team's only issue was a weird wig mishap with Sasha that will definitely be brought up come elimination time.

The runway look for the elimination was "jet set eleganza." Instead of being judged as teams, the queens were judged individually on the challenge.Violet, Kasha, Ginger, Sasha, Katya, and Miss Fame were all left after the rest of the queens were deemed safe. Katya was called out for not knowing any of the words to her monologue (not surprising). Miss Fame was criticized for her stiff choreography and was told that she needed to loosen up. Michelle Visage gave Ginger Minj's jet set outfit a "meh," but Ginger defended it well. Michelle was not a fan of Kasha's look -- but Olivia thought her performance was great. Sasha was singled out for the wig mishap and her schlumpy dress. Michelle was waiting for the clown to come out in Violet -- she sees potential in her.

Ginger Minj was the winner -- Carson didn't know what minj was but now he loves the minj. Sasha and Katya are lip-syncing for their lives to Olivia Newton-John's "Twist of Fate." Katya immediately breaks out into a SPLIT on the runway and it's obvious who the winner is going to be. Sasha's strategy seemed to just be rolling around on the floor -- my friend and I were literally screaming "Get off the floor!" at the TV. Katya stays, Sasha sashays away.

This week's episode really showcased those that are going to be strong competitors for this season (like Ginger and Trixie) and those that are going to have to step up their game (Miss Fame, Katya).

Next week, the queens compete in "Hashtag Shakesqueer."