"American Idol" 2013: Results (Top 4 to Top 3)


The opening group number was to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” I love that song, but it was a terrible choice for this scenario, and none of the Final 4 girls came off particularly well in it. Angie and Kree sounded the worst, I think. It had a 1920’s flapper edge since it’s being used in the upcoming “Great Gatsby” movie. But the whole thing seemed harried and manic, right up to the sad handfuls of glitter some of the back-up dancers threw at the end.

In his recap, Jimmy Iovine thought Angie missed opportunities. Wednesday night He thought the Rihanna song wasn’t a good choice, and Angie just didn’t sound good on the standard. Agreed. Jimmy thought that Amber didn’t have enough time to really prepare for the Pink song, but he thought she crushed “Funny Valentine.” Jimmy thought Candice did a “magnificent” job Wednesday night, and while it wasn’t the best she’s delivered in the competition, it was still head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Agreed. As for Kree, Jimmy thought she did well on both songs, but she’s not living up to her potential in the past few weeks. Kree’s light has certainly dimmed considerably in the home stretch. I wonder what is going on there. She seems absolutely miserable every time she’s on stage.

Season 7 winner David Cook came back. David’s was the only season since I started watching this show back in 2004 that I gave up on midway through. I just didn’t find any of the contestants likable or particularly exciting. David and his runner-up, David Archuleta, were easily the best of the bunch, and I’m surprised Archie didn’t have more post-show success. I like several of Cook’s songs, but the one he performed here didn’t do a thing for me -- it was very shouty. We will not discuss his ill-considered denim vest.

More “Gatsby” -- boy, they are whoring out this movie relentlessly -- with…Will.i.am. I don’t understand his career. I just don’t. He has no discernible talent that I can identify. His singing is barely passable. His rapping is banal. His lyrics are appallingly stupid. His dancing is fine. He has an ear for hooks, but that’s a producer/DJ, not a pop star. Whoever joined him as a featured vocalist stole that number whenever she was on stage, and she wasn’t even introduced by name.

On the other end of the spectrum we had the multi-talented Harry Connick Jr., singing his new song. I really like Harry and think he was a good mentor to the contestants last night -- and he is forever my hero for telling Randy Jackson to shut up on national television -- but I did not care for this slow, meandering ballad whatsoever. It frankly sounded too low for him, and it’s his own song! Ryan Seacrest asked if Harry and Randy had buried the hatchet after their little spat last night, which prompted Harry to make a joke about couch time with Randy, which prompted Ryan to make a joke about that always being the way things end up with Randy. And Randy went, “Woah, woah, Ryan!” Ah, good old gay panic…

Results: Ryan stressed that they were revealed in no particular order. The first person safe was Angie, who I thought performed the worst Wednesday night. I still think she’s talented and should make the finale, but she was the weakest of the four this week. Candice was the next to join her on the Safety Stools and THANK GOD FOR THAT. Candice was amazing Wednesday and absolutely deserves to be in the finale. I will be devastated if she is not.

That left Kree and Amber in the Bottom 2. It’s interesting to note that Kree was in the Top 2 last week, and the results tonight were a combo from last week AND this week. Amber, however, was B2 both weeks, and indeed she was eliminated.

This is not surprising. Even the judges seemed to be telling Amber that she was done this week, and Amber herself seemed defeated. This is tragic because Amber really does have enormous potential as a pop star. Great voice. Great look. So likable. I would not be the least bit a surprised to see Amber have significant post-show success.

For her sing out, Amber struggled through “I Believe in You and Me” -- Baby Whitney until the very end. The poor thing could not finish the song, and her father had to be called on to the stage to comfort her. That was difficult to watch. Someone please get that girl a giant hug, a big carton of Ben & Jerry’s, and a very long nap.