August 23, 2006


Welcome to college. You're about to start a whole new life. Exciting, huh? And honestly, Rochester's a pretty cool place to live that life in. We've got countless restaurants, coffee shops, music venues, art galleries, theater companies, and movie theaters to entertain you when you need to step away from your books for a while.

Figuring out how to navigate it all can be tricky. That's where we come in. In these pages, you'll get the scoop on how to stretch those precious few dollars in your bank account by living cheaply during the college years. You'll get a little primer on what kind of clothes you'll need to not only survive, but thrive, through Rochester's rough winters. You'll find maps of the area and a directory of services that any student might need. And, perhaps best of all, ideas from actual Rochester students about where to eat, where to chill, and more.

For more tips on what to do, make sure to check out City Newspaper; a new edition hits newsstands every Wednesday. (You can find us on the Web at Whether you want to keep up on local news and politics or find out where the hottest show of the night is at, we've got your back.

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