Will historic conversions save the City of Rochester?

Posted by Christine Carrie Fien on Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 4:02 PM

The people behind some of the City of Rochester’s highest-profile building projects updated the audience on their plans and their progress at a luncheon put on Tuesday by the Downtown Development Corporation.

The Sibley building.

You should expect to see some action around the Sibley building this summer, said Gilbert Winn, managing principal for building owner WinnDevelopment. The building will get a new facade and streetscape, Winn said, “to change the feel of the building, that hasn’t had a lot of love in recent years.” Plans include new windows, signs, awnings, and landscaping.

MCC is still included in Winn’s plan, although the college seems to be set on moving out to State Street. Looking at the design boards Winn displayed at the luncheon, it seems that rejiggering the layout without MCC would require a pretty substantial effort.

Winn plans to redevelop the historic building for retail, office, and housing. The building’s different users, including office workers and tenants, would have their own entrances.

One of the more unique projects is the RIT Center for Urban Entrepreneurship, which includes space for public meetings and classrooms, as well as incubator and hacker space in the old Rochester Savings Bank downtown.

The center’s programs will focus on the disadvantaged in Rochester, helping them create their own businesses.

Providing housing and job training haven’t been enough to create wealth in the inner city, said dt ogilvie, from RIT’s Saunders College of Business.

“You create wealth by putting people in their own business who will hire people at living wages and they buy their own homes,” she said.

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not sure how disadvantaged people can create real paying jobs for people that can buy homes......what a dumb concept, give money to people that most likely do not have the skills, education or experience but are disadvantaged, that will pay off big....

going downtown for office locations does not make a lot of sense, first the traffic sucks, there is no parking or you have to pay for it, no one really stays downtown after 5pm because of the potential crime and then walking to your car alone in the dark...not exactly fun for the females......

very poor decisions, the sagamore went over real well......with tax abatements for years and prices of $500k...now the damn things are worth $100k to $200k less than they were....these people that develop and the city think this is NYC....not sure who really wants to live downtown, not the people who pay $500k, they will live in Pittsford, brighton where they have access to all the amenities......

again we have a city mayor that is a lawyer/politician and not a business person...while I understand they are trying but it will work against them once again...it so easy and fun to spend other peoples money, we need to tie their pay to the results of these projects and then see if they are willing to take these risks....right now if they fail, they do not care the tax payers always fit the bill.....tie to their jobs and pay and they will really do their due diligence....

most excellent business people do not want to run for public office because they can have better lives without the incredible BS that they have to deal with at the bureaucratic places that are a nightmare and you cannot fire any of them......plus they crawl up your arse for any tiny problem you had in your past and make it seem like you are a freaking felon, so there you go, you get squeaky clean candidates that suck at what they do, because they have never really done anything in their lives, can you say Obama.....

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Posted by waste of money and time once again.... on 06/06/2013 at 9:25 PM

These people must be out of their minds.

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Posted by sean on 06/09/2013 at 8:26 AM
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