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ANNUAL MANUAL '11: Introduction

Putting it all together



The toughest part of putting together the Annual Manual each year isn't finding stuff to write about- it's fitting all of Rochester into one publication. It's impossible to condense any city into a few dozen pages, and Rochester is certainly no exception. City Newspaper could put out an Annual Manual every week and still not cover everything there is to know about the Flower City.

            The 2011 Annual Manual ended up taking an interesting, totally unintentional angle: it focuses more in the tiny details of our community instead of the bigger institutions that usually define the area. Many of the big guns are still mentioned- the Memorial Art Gallery, Little Theatre, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Highland Park, the garbage plate, etc.- and rightfully so. It wouldn't be Rochester without them. But the majority of the content focuses on people, places, and things that help to make this area special, but don't get as much of the limelight.

            For instance, Rochester has not one, but multiple blogs and webcams devoted to the falcons that roost in our city. The region is home to dozens of tiny, fascinating museums that explore everything from Jell-O to lighthouses to coverlets. Thousands of our residents participate in sports leagues focused on disc gold, table tennis, and more. And if a city is judged on the quantity and quality of its neighborhood pizzerias, then Rochester is in good company, indeed.

            We hope that this year's Annual Manual will illuminate areas of Rochester living that even lifelong residents may be unaware of, as well as provide visitors and newcomers with plenty of ideas on how to get out and explore this rich, fascinating city and its suburbs. If you're hungry for more, check out previous editions of Annual Manual at rochestercitynewspaper.com, and make sure to pick up City Newspaper every Wednesday, free at countless distribution spots across the city and MonroeCounty. Now get out there and explore.

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